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Intuitive to the traditional skillset and familiar feel of sketching, Vector Suite is accessible to all designers without the requirement of learning new technical processes.

We announced our “Pioneering Partnership” with McLaren Automotive at the GREAT Festival of Innovation, Hong Kong, March 2018. McLaren were the first users of Vector Suite and were influential in shaping the software to be appropriate for all automotive design professionals. Logitech selected Vector Suite as a best-in-class

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There are many definitions of the Metaverse. For us the Metaverse represents a major expansion of today’s Internet which primarily exists through 2D screens, websites and mobile apps.

This new spatial web, or Metaverse, is more immersive, is built with new tools such as real-time 3D game engines and spans an increasingly blurred line between the digital and physical.

We believe that in the future the Metaverse will primarily manifest itself through persistent and interoperable virtual worlds,

LinkedIn: Setmixer wins Global MediaTech Pitch Day! | Raw Ventures

Setmixer Triumphs at Global MediaTech Pitch Day! Raw Ventures declares Setmixer, run by Pascal de Mul, as the champion of the inaugural Global MediaTech Pitch Day. After scrutiny among ten exceptional finalists from a pool of over 200 startups, Setmixer emerged victorious. 🌟 Why Setmixer Stood Out: Setmixer's innovative recording system, designed to autonomously capture and release live music in top-notch multitrack studio quality, caught the attention of our expert panel. Its upcoming integrati

Blog: The Investor's Perspective on Meta Connect '23

Views on the Quest 3, Mixed Reality, Ray Ban Stories, Meta AI etc

Who was Connect for?

However, We Did Get Some New Numbers Out of Meta.

$2 Billion dollars of revenue has passed through Quest store! At Connect 2022, this figure was $1.5bn - so the increase seems to track relatively strong considering it is the end of Quest 2’s product cycle, and there are still only ~600 apps on the Quest store - 1.6 million on iOS for reference.

Most of the information around the new device was unveiled bac

Grade-A Example for Bootstrapping an AR/VR Startup in 2023

Sophie Thompson co-founded VirtualSpeech in 2016 as a way to overcome her fear of public speaking. She realised that VR was uniquely positioned to help people practice skills in a safe environment and build their skills and confidence for real-world situations.

Sophie Thompson's journey with Virtual Speech is a masterclass in innovation, resilience, and savvy business strategy. How did she pivot from a free app to a thriving SaaS model? How did she navigate the complexities of the Quest Store?

AIBODY Pioneering a New Era in Cardiac Healthcare with Its Nova Heart

AIBODY have announced an incredible new product called Nova Heart, developed in collaboration with the German Heart Centre at Charité (DHZC).

Based in the UK, AIBODY enables the real-time simulation of biophysical, physiological and biochemical processes for medical purposes. As the world’s first Digital Human Organism built from the cellular level, AIBODY simulates true to life responses to countless healthcare scenarios, allowing medical professionals to assess how bodies will respond to cert

The Future of Fashion Just Landed: ROOTS by Balena and Kitty Shukman‍

In a groundbreaking collaboration at the boundary of the fashion industry, Israeli material science company Balena, our portfolio company, has joined forces with renowned designer Kitty Shukman, formerly of YEEZY.

The result? A pair of 3D-printed slides known as ROOTS that are as eco-friendly as they are stylish.

Born from Balena’s ingenuity, BioCir is the world’s first entirely compostable and biodegradable elastomer tailored for the fashion sector. This advanced compostable thermoplastic is

Should You Be Thinking About China’s VR/AR Market?

This is a post on my substack — Metaverse Monday — a newsletter that helps entrepreneurs and investors understand the AR/VR industry by sharing insights from the people building it. Check it out here.

#AppleVisionPro苹果首款头显 garnered over 40 million views on Weibo in one day.

Yet, only 1 million VR headsets have been sold in China, with a slim selection of apps competing for users.

China is a sleeping VR/AR giant stirring to life, offering a world of opportunity to those bold enough to engage.

Insights From The Entrepreneur Who Sold His VR Startup To Facebook.

Michael was the owner and COO of OmniVirt, a VR advertising startup, acquired by Facebook (2020). Before that, Michael was the head of content at YouTube and now is working with Madison Square Garden’s Sphere, creating the world’s highest resolution LED screen.

This is a post on my substack — Metaverse Monday — a newsletter that helps entrepreneurs and investors understand the AR/VR industry by sharing insights from the people building it. Check it out here.

10 years ago, when you weren’t stre

Article: Marco Brancati, CTIO @ Telespazio | Milestone Magazine

Telespazio is a joint venture between Italian aerospace and defence company Leonardo and French multinational electronics company Thales and is one of the world’s leading providers of satellite solutions and services. At the heart of Telespazio’s technical and innovative strategy is 30-year Telespazio veteran Marco Brancati, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, who is keeping the large company as inventive as any hot start-up.

Telespazio, based in Rome, has a rich history in the space industr

Article: Dilara Altınkılıç Kutmangil, CEO @ Detay Gıda | Milestone Magazine

Altınmarka, the parent company of Detay Gıda and one of the world’s leading cocoa and industrial chocolate manufacturer, delivers its delicious treats to more than 80 countries. Altınmarka aims to show everyone that chocolate has no limits and make the whole world taste their quality bean-to-bar chocolate.

Established in 1992 by Birol Altınkılıç, today Altınmarka has become the world’s sixth largest cocoa producer and the second largest industrial chocolate producer, undertaking the entire chai

FOV Ventures October 2023 wrap-up

Your monthly summary of metaverse investments and FOV Ventures updates

This month saw us dive into AI in Gaming, the team travelled to Vienna for AWE EU to speak on an investor Q&A, and Dave wrote an article on how smart glasses may be part of our future. We will also cover:

This month our current EIR Tiago Correia has been doing a deep dive on AI in Gaming, with an in-depth article entitled “AI In Gaming: Hype Or Reality” and a podcast with Marie Gerard from our portfolio company Scenario and

Wolfgang Landler, CEO @ ELIN Motoren

From the smallest household appliances to the largest industrial machines, electric motors are the unseen heroes of society. As the CEO of ELIN Motoren, a company that has become one of the fastest-growing manufacturers of electric motors, Wolfgang Landler is at the forefront of this essential technology.

For over a century, ELIN Motoren has been at the cutting edge of electric motor innovation. Founded in Austria in 1892, this company has a long and storied history of developing and producing